The Society

Shabbir Memorial Education Society

Education is the corner stone of a just and vibrant society. However benevolent a social system may be, education of its minorities and deprived communities is a problem area of great significance which needs special attention. Shabbir Memorial Education Society, a registered non profit organization, was established by a group of professionals  and educationists with the following aims:

  • To provide quality educational facilities particularly for minorities and economically weaker sections of the society.
  • To impart education so as to develop self confidence and acquire appreciation of one’s religious, social and cultural environment and of the national heritage.
  • To encourage advancement of women, and
  • To establish vocational programmes to make the under privileged youth, self supporting.

The following are the priority programmes running under the auspices of the of the society at present:

  • MAHILA TRAINING MARKAZ, a vocational training center for women where besides informal teaching and care is taken to provide them with vocational skills like cutting, swing and stitching, tailoring and designing of garments with a focus on health and hygiene of the group.
  • EVENING EDUCATION CENTER, a center for tutorials for disadvantaged students who lake opportunities of support at their homes under the care of tutor.